EPDM Roofing in Jackson Center & Mercer, PA

EPDM Roofing in Jackson Center & Mercer, PA

What Exactly is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM - or, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer - is most commonly used on low-slope buildings. EPDM roofing is an incredibly durable synethic rubber roofing membrane, and is avilable in both black and white options. 
Reasons to Consider EPDM Roofing
1. A major advantage of EPDM roofing is cost. Costs vary by region and installer, but on average, the cost of an EPDM roof is lower than other roofing optios on the market. 

2. If you choose the white EPDM roofing option, you may experience a favorable decrease in your monthly power bill! The white coating can act as a heat reflector, and in turn reduce your business's monthly energy costs. 

3. Whenever possible, the entire EPDM roofing system is installed in one sheet, eliminating the need for any seams. Because of this, EPDM roofs tend to be highly waterproof; even if a leak occurs, repairs are easily and relatively inexpensive.

4. EPDM roofs are fire resistant! They have been known to impede a fire's progress. 

5. EPDM roofs last a very, very long time. With little maintenance, an EPDM roof can last up to 50 years! That's a lot of extra time and money you can devote towards other parts of your business. 
If you're considering an EPDM roof, or any commercial roofing system, and you're not sure where to start, call our expert roofing contractor today. We will assess your situation for a commercial roof repair; if your roof is beyond repairs, we can also provide a commercial roof installation. We service Jackson Center, PA & the greater Pittsburgh area, and would love to discuss your next project. Call today!